• How Long Will It Take?

    We always work to provide you with the highest level of service by processing your requests promptly. Having broken glass in your home or in your office is something that needs to be addressed quickly! It will depend on the size and material of the event you need.

  • Is There Any Difference If The Glass I Am Looking For Is For Bathrooms?

    There is a difference as the material must be ideal for the type of climate or context of the installation.

  • What makes a front door safe?

    Doors with fewer windows are generally safer, which is why windowed patio doors are only common in the back of homes.

  • How do I know my windows and doors need replacing?

    This depends on the age of the windows and doors. If they are 25 years old or more you can replace them. You can also replace them if you notice drafts or condensation on the window panes and doors or if they become difficult to open.

  • Do exterior doors swing in or out?

    Exterior doors typically swing inward for security purposes. When an exterior door swings inward, the hinges have been put on the inside of the door jam. Therefore, it decreases the ability of a burglar to unhinge the door to gain easier entry into your home.

  • Do you offer financing?

    No. Unfortunately, not at this time.